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Commercial Acoustics Soundproofs Hotel in Orlando

Hotel Soundproofing

Hotel Soundproofing Case Study with Wall Blokker Pro on Wood Studs Commercial Acoustics has been contracted by Winter Park Construction to supply and install over 60,000 square feet of soundproofing in the new La Quinta construction project in Orlando, Florida. The 4 story signature hotel, designed by L2 Studios, initially called for Soundbreak Board, a […]

Hotel Soundproofing From HVAC Noise

Soundproofing HVAC in Hotel

Minimize Hotel Noise Complaints by Using New Soundproofing Methods There are all types of noise intrusions in hotels – from other guests to nearby roadways and airport noise. However, one noise is persistent above all others in hotels – HVAC noise! Often times the air conditioners are directly in the room, and cycled compressors or […]

Reducing Noise Complaints in Business Hotels

Soundproofing a business hotel

People who regularly travel for business can spend more than half of their nights in a hotel. A recent study by The National Sleep Foundation polled 1,004 travelers, of which 74% said that a quiet room was the key to a good nights sleep. Corporate travelers need this peace and quiet to be focused and […]

Hotel Soundproofing – Hyatt Clearwater

Commercial Acoustics Hyatt Condo Soundproofing

The Hyatt Condo in Clearwater, Florida needed help soundproofing their ceiling on the penthouse floor. Directly above, dozens of patrons used the rooftop bar at night and during the weekends. While the penthouse suite affords the best views in the hotel, it is also the closest to the nightlife noise, and therefore often in need […]

Tampa Upscale Hotel Acoustic Consulting

hotel acoustic consulting

An upscale hotel reached out to Commercial Acoustics because they had been experiencing noise complaint issues since opening 3 years ago. There were a number of guest complaints regarding noise, from thin walls between adjacent neighbors, to loud music outside and noisy street traffic. Hotel Acoustical Consulting During this time period, the hotel has used […]

Residence Inn Hotel Soundproofing

hotel soundproofing

Hotel Soundproofing from Roads and Highways A Residence Inn location was having problems with their guests complaining about highway noise in their rooms. The hotel had not done any acoustical testing nor treatment in the past, so it was not surprising that car noise would enter the rooms and disturb guests. This is often an […]

Historic Fenway Hotel Soundproofing

soundproofing for hotel

Initially opened in the 1920s, the Fenway Hotel is due to be reopened later this year as a boutique hotel. While the transformation included cosmetic and functional upgrades, there was one portion of the hotel renovation that called for soundproofing expertise – the noise transfer between rooms. Construction technology has come a long way in […]