Sound Masking Classic

Sound Masking Data Sheet

Commercial Acoustics’ Sound Masking Classic system is an economical system used for Office Spaces, Libraries, and other applications up to 20,000 square feet.

It is ideal for providing superior speech comfort and privacy.

The system is balanced and tuned in the plenum to provide a homogeneous background noise throughout the space. The Sound Masking application is often the right fit when partitions do not go to deck (between adjacent offices) or direct line-of-sight attenuation is not possible (open offices and libraries).

By tuning the Sound Masking to 43-45 dBA in Closed Offices, and 46-48 dBA in Open Offices, the system is right-sized to the unique Sound Masking needs of the clients. Post-install testing is performed to ensure no “Hot Spots” greater than 2 dBA occur throughout the Office Space.

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