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Church Acoustical Design

church acoustics

The following is an excerpt from a Church Acoustical Design & Assessment performed under contract in North Florida. Church Acoustical Design Criteria It is understood that the primary focus of this church space is to support the a capella music environment performed by the entire congregation. In order to accommodate the musical environment, our focus […]

Noise Ordinance Testing in New Orleans

New Orleans Acoustic Testing

For music and entertainment venues opening up in New Orleans, many owners are asking themselves “Am I disturbing my neighbors? Will they file a noise complaint?” New Orleans is full of historic neighborhoods, and the culture of live music runs throughout.  These venues are typically in close proximity to residents.  Additionally, the building structures themselves […]

Acoustic Consulting – Miami Reverberation Analysis

miami acoustic assessment

Acoustic Assessment: Commercial Acoustics reviewed the progress Drawing Set for an upcoming 4-star Hotel in Miami, FL in order to provide acoustic treatment recommendations for the Amenity Lounge. Analysis of the room was performed based on the room geometries and finishes included in the drawing set. Using the Sabin’s Formula, the A-weighted reverberation time (RT60) […]

New Orleans Residential Sound Testing

duplex sound study

Sound Study in Shotgun Duplex Home Commercial Acoustics performed a Sound Transmission Leak Check test on an interior, demising wall partition on site. Per the client’s request, there was excessive noise transfer between the adjacent units of a duplex, “shotgun” style home. Once one of the tenants moved out, the wall was cut open and […]

New Orleans Hospital – Sound Study

hospital sound study

Healthcare Acoustics in New Orleans: Ochsner Medical Center and the Architects on their behalf requested acoustical consultation services for the West Tower expansion facility as part of the Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) program.  Commercial Acoustics was contracted to perform a sound study within the Neuro ICU on the 7th floor before it is moved to […]

Acoustic Sound Testing in Corporate Offices

Corporate Office Sound Testing

Commercial Acoustics was contracted by Amgen Pharmaceuticals to review the modular partition layout and design of their new corporate offices in Washington, DC and Tampa, FL. While care had been taken to select suitable, STC-rated walls and a Sound Masking system had been installed and implemented, significant noise complaints were immediately evident after the TI […]

Commercial Acoustics – Office Space Sound Privacy Solution

Commercial Acoustics lends hand on office privacy issue

A corporate office client in Tampa FL was experiencing conversation sound transfer in their closed offices. The offices were designed with a proprietary modular wall system (STC range 31 – 48) and Armstrong Calla ceiling tiles (CAC 35) with a Lencore sound masking system is in place. Prior to determining what modifications needed to be […]

Dance Studio Soundproofing – Case Study

Dance Studio IIC Testing

Dance Studio Soundproofing An architectural firm in South Florida recently contacted Commercial Acoustics due to potential sound transfer issues from a second-floor dance studio located within a commercial structure. This is a very common issue that businesses, unfortunately, tend to find out after the building has already been put in place. It’s an even bigger […]

ULI Developer Modular Construction Soundproofing

chicago acoustical testing

A large, ULI awarded developer in Chicago, IL was considering a switch to panelized light gauge framing for developments between five and thirteen stories high. Before making this change, the developer wanted to run some acoustical tests. As with many developers, the potential cost savings for modular construction are particularly attractive. Since much of the […]

Understanding Expected IIC and STC of Assemblies in Florida Apartment

Case Study: STC Ratings in Apartment Complex The following case study was completed for an architecture firm in Central Florida in early 2017. The intent was to review STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings of standard wall assemblies that were being designed and specified by the internal architect. While the assemblies were expected to achieve STC […]