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Certified Lencore Sound Masking Installer

lencore sound masking

Commercial Acoustics has been certified as a Lencore Sound Masking system installer. As an acoustic consulting firm, our engineers and technicians are trained in designing sound masking systems and other acoustic treatments. By combining both design and installation capabilities under one roof, Commercial Acoustics is able to control the performance of the sound masking system. […]

Whats the Difference Between White Noise and Pink Noise

difference between white noise and pink noise

Here’s a question we get everyday! What’s the difference between white noise and pink noise? Sound masking systems are often described as “white noise machines” or “pink noise speaker systems”. In reality, they are approximated as a blend of both. White noise is the same sound intensity at all frequencies, while pink noise decreases in […]

How Sound Masking Works

sound masking components

When faced with an acoustical problem such as a noisy office, oftentimes the root cause is overlooked. Modern office design and architecture places a premium on open floor plans and collaborative workspaces which lack the ubiquitous partition walls, carpets, and even the acoustical ceiling tiles that we’ve all become accustomed to seeing. As a result, […]

Effect of Noise on Sleep and Health

sleeping newborn

Noise is a critical component on sleep quality. Unlike other sensory perception, such as sight, there are no protective coverings over the ears. While eyelids close to limit perceived light, the ear canals remain open and unchanged throughout the night. That means the only difference between perception of sound between the day and night is […]

Open Plan Offices vs. Closed Plan Offices

closed office plan with acoustic treatment for speech privacy

Though there are many distractions in the workplace, one of the most commonly noted is noise. Excessive background noise from coworkers typing, chatting, or talking on the phone can distract others from their work, making them less productive. To combat this issue, many offices have begun to consider speech privacy, and have looked for ways […]

Sound Masking Demo in Tampa

Commercial Acoustics Sound Masking Tampa

Commercial Sound Masking System Demonstration Commercial Acoustics has installed a sound-masking demonstration at its headquarters on Cypress St near downtown Tampa. A newer technology, aimed at providing speech privacy in open offices, Sound Masking is a tool that is typically most helpful in open office spaces or areas requiring long duration focus (libraries, classrooms etc.). […]