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Golf Clubhouse Acoustics

clubhouse acoustics

A common complaint that we receive at Commercial Acoustics is when Golf Clubhouse Acoustics are overly reverberant, allowing an excessive echo that disrupts patrons. Clubhouses have a wide range of acceptable reverb times, but they should never exceed 1.3 seconds, especially if amplified speech or speaking engagements are going to be used in the space. […]

Gym Acoustic Treatment – St Pauls in New Orleans

Commercial Acoustics was contacted by St Paul’s Episcopal school to solve their time-sensitive gym acoustics problem.  Gymnasiums are fundamentally very reverberant spaces due to their hard, parallel surfaces and large volumes.  Along with athletics, school gyms are often used as auditoriums and event spaces.  This school in particular had scheduled an upcoming fundraising event that […]

Acoustic Panels Used to Treat Clubhouse Noise

Treating Clubhouse Noise

As is often the case, large clubhouses with reflective surfaces are particularly vulnerable to excessive reverberation. This is usually not noticed until after construction, leaving property managers to determine how to treat the issue. It’s often brought to management’s attention when the users of the clubhouse determine that it’s not acceptably treated to perform various […]

Acoustic Treatment for Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room Acoustics

Multi-purpose rooms, by definition, will have several use cases in which acoustic criteria are likely to vary. In some cases you may be looking to host a comfortable dining environment, while in others, you may have a networking event where people are encouraged to walk around and mingle. There may situations in which amplified sound […]

University Acoustics

university acoustics

The University of South Florida was building out a new laboratory and education center that required significant acoustic treatment. While the flooring was hard and reflective, the ceiling did have some absorptive ceiling tiles, with an NRC rating above 0.5. In order tor reduce reverberation in the space, the architect specified wall-to-wall acoustic panels. These […]

Georgia Broadcast Studio Acoustics

broadcast studio acoustics

The Georgia Public Broadcast Studio has been expanding their broadcast capabilities and required three additional recording studios to meet their capacity needs. During the expansion the team reached out to Commercial Acoustics to provide acoustic treatments in the recording rooms. After an indepedent acoustic consultant was used to determine the thickness and area of the […]

Performing Arts Theater Acoustic Treatment

theater acoustics

This performing arts theater in South Florida required significant acoustic treatment after it was noticed that many of the attendees were unable to clearly hear the bands when playing. While this had already been an issue for some time, it was exacerbate when the carpet was removed for lower-pile carpet during a recent renovation. Located […]

Public Works Auditorium Acoustics

auditorium acoustics

The Pinellas Park Public Works office was dealing with significant echo and reverb in their conference room. They reached out to Commercial Acoustics to come and do on-site reverberation testing as part of their acoustic consulting capabilities, in order to determine how many acoustic sound panels would be needed to reduce the echo in their […]

West Coast Church Acoustic Treatment

Church Acoustic Evaluation and Treatment Step 1: Evaluate Church Reverberation The West Coast Church in Englewood, FL has received noise concerns after removing previous panels in the primary sanctuary room. There are a number of overhead amplified speakers hanging from the ceiling grid above, and a live band space in the front of the sanctuary, […]

New Orleans Police Department Acoustic Treatment

new orleans police department soundproofing

Commercial Acoustics provided ceiling-mounted absorption panels at the New Orleans Police department building on Broadway Street. The architect, Concordia, also based in New Orleans, determined that acoustic treatment was needed in the interview rooms to improve the speech quality. Similar to other Police Stations and Sheriff’s Offices, acoustic absorption is a critical tool for architects […]