OverWall Noise Blokker

Technical Specs

Considered “Acoustical Wallpaper”— its durable, lightweight and easy to install. Commercial Acoustics OverWall Noise Blokker can be primed and painted over while reducing noise by up to 75%. From the professional remodeler to the do-ityourselfer, Commercial Acoustics OverWall Noise Blokker transforms thin walls into sound suppressing structures, creating a peaceful and quiet living space. It's manufactured with recycled material and is 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

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Commercial Acoustics OverWall Noise Blokker is an effective product for soundproofing existing rooms in a cost-efficient manner. OverWall Noise Blokker is a flexible, dense product that comes in either rolls or sheets to meet your renovation needs. Use anywhere noise is an issue. Perfect for every room in your home!

Wall Blokker installs over existing drywall surfaces to add extra mass to your wall, and reduce unwanted noise leaking into your living or working space.

Install Time: ~2-3 hours

Product Specifications:

  • Approved for all UL U300, U400, and V400 Series
  • Made from post-industrial recycled materials
  • Reduce noise levels up to 75%
  • Non-PVC
  • Moisture barrier (impermeable)
  • Comes in rolls or sheets for ease of install
  • Passes ASTM E84 fire & smoke tests
  • Completely resistant to mold growth (tested in accordance with ASTM D 3273-00)

Made In USA
Recycled Materials
UL Certified Soundproofing Membranes

4'x8', 4'x25', 4'x50', 4'x100'


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