Wall Blokker PRO

Technical Specs

The Wall Blokker PRO sound barrier is designed for construction phase, new wall and ceiling projects. The Wall Blokker PRO installs below the exposed surface during initial construction to reduce noise by up to 75% while also protecting against moisture and improving HVAC efficiency.

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Product Specifications:

• Made from Post-Industrial Recycled Automotive Products
• Approved for all UL U300, U400, and V400 Series
• Non PVC (no ozone depleting gasses)
• Sustainable: 100% Fully recyclable at end of life
• Mold and mildew resistant
• 3-in-1 barrier (sound, moisture & air)
• Easy to install- Reduces cost (labor & materials)

Features / Benefits
• Reduces airborne and impact noise by 75%
• Build quieter structures with less material and labor
• Air and moisture barrier for HVAC efficiency and mold and mildew prevention

Install Time: ~1 day

Ideal Soundproofing For

  • Noisy neighbors in adjacent apartments or condos
  • Sound coming through walls
  • Residential, commercial, hospitality

Made In USA
Recycled Materials
UL Certified Soundproofing Membranes

4' x 8' Sheet, 4' x 10' Sheet, 4' x 25' Roll


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