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Clubhouse Acoustical Ceiling Panels

When Waterway East Condominium underwent a renovation of their clubhouse, the transition from carpeted flooring to a more modern Luxury Vinyl Tile increased the sound intensity during gatherings and events which became problematic for residents. Commercial Acoustics was then approached to design and install a cost-effective solution. Understanding the absorption coefficients of the room finishes […]

Guideline: When You Need Sound Absorbing Panels

Absorption Panels

There are a wide range of building uses that suffer from excessive reverberation issues. These both decrease the usability and speech comfort of the space, as well as reduce productivity. Certain spaces, such as restaurants and worship centers, require acoustic treatment to allow intelligible speech, and without it, may cause significant loss of business and […]

Acoustic Furniture

Many products described as Acoustic furniture promise to give acoustical treatment to open offices. These products imply they can isolate sound, reduce, and absorb noise without the necessity of walls and ceilings. There is a possibility that the word “acoustic” is added to the description of this item as a selling point instead of a proven fact to […]

What is the Acoustic Absorption Coefficient?

There is a way to quantify how much sound is reflected in a room by using a metric called the absorption coefficient. In a nutshell, an Absorption Coefficient is a measure of how much sound is absorbed, and NOT reflected. The absorption coefficient ranges between zero and one, one meaning no sound energy is reflected […]

Acoustical Treatment for Restaurants

Restaurant Acoustic Treatment

Restaurants are a space where people come together to socialize; full of chatter, the sound of clanking glasses, and music. However, if your restaurant has a noise reverberation problem, the customer’s social experience could be suffering. Using the proper acoustic treatment in your restaurant can reduce noise complaints and provide a better acoustic environment. When […]

Lecture Hall Sound Treatment

lecture hall in need of sound absorption

Lecture halls are a staple on almost every college campus. These multi-functional rooms are used regularly as classrooms but often play host to additional events such as guest speakers and presentations. When this happens, Acoustical Sound Treatment can be a major issue, and needs to be addressed during project design. Though lecture hall uses may […]

Open Plan Offices vs. Closed Plan Offices

closed office plan with acoustic treatment for speech privacy

Though there are many distractions in the workplace, one of the most commonly noted is noise. Excessive background noise from coworkers typing, chatting, or talking on the phone can distract others from their work, making them less productive. To combat this issue, many offices have begun to consider speech privacy, and have looked for ways […]

Understanding Speech Privacy

soundproofing and sound masking for open offices

What is Speech Privacy? Speech Privacy can be defined as the inability of an outside listener to understand a conversation between two or more separate individuals. Effective speech privacy is an essential aspect of any office as it allows employees to: Conduct confidential conversations without being overheard Ignore distracting conversations Understand in-person and phone conversations […]

Acoustics for Schools

commercial acoustics school soundproofing acoustics

Acoustic Design for Education Facilities Imagine trying to learn integral calculus with the drumming of a mechanical room next to you. Or trying to memorize Shakespeare lines or capials in the Far East capitals the band plays a marching tune above. This is a situation that many students in our nation’s schools encounter every day. […]

Guidelines for Worship Center Sound Treatment

worship center acoustics

Sound treatment is critical in faith and worship centers, as these locations tend to rely heavily on both speech and music. The centers must be properly outfitted with acoustical equipment to increase speech intelligibility while simultaneously enhancing the quality of musical components. The equal importance of music and speech quality creates a challenge for architects […]