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731 St Charles Ave – New Orleans Condo Soundproofing

new orleans soundproofing

731 St Charles Ave. is a $40 million condominium development currently under construction in the heart of the CBD in New Orleans.  The site was renovated to replace a historic concrete building from 1965 that threw several the city’s earliest Mardi Gras balls. Luxury Condo Soundproofing in New Orleans The five-story development boasts luxury units […]

Hospital Guest Soundproofing Case Study – Shands in Gainesville

Shands Hospital Soundproofing

The Shands Guest House in Gainesville is a large Marriott brand hospitality project on the campus of the University of South Florida. The 6th story building was designed to accommodate guests of the University and the adjacent Shands Hospital. During the design the architectural firm, Walker Architects, hired a renowned independent acoustical consulting firm to […]

Commercial Acoustics Soundproofs Hotel in Orlando

Hotel Soundproofing

Hotel Soundproofing Case Study with Wall Blokker Pro on Wood Studs Commercial Acoustics has been contracted by Winter Park Construction to supply and install over 60,000 square feet of soundproofing in the new La Quinta construction project in Orlando, Florida. The 4 story signature hotel, designed by L2 Studios, initially called for Soundbreak Board, a […]

Restaurant – Soundproofing AcoustiTrac Partition

Restaurant Soundproofing

Soundproofing a Restaurant Wright’s Gourmet is an upscale eatery known for its delicious meals and family-friendly atmosphere. Recently Wright’s renovated their large dining room to improve the functionality of the space and the restaurant’s ability to host business events and social gatherings. To provide sound privacy for multiple groups at the same time, options to […]

Hotel Soundproofing From HVAC Noise

Soundproofing HVAC in Hotel

Minimize Hotel Noise Complaints by Using New Soundproofing Methods There are all types of noise intrusions in hotels – from other guests to nearby roadways and airport noise. However, one noise is persistent above all others in hotels – HVAC noise! Often times the air conditioners are directly in the room, and cycled compressors or […]

Commercial Acoustics Provides Custom Soundproofing for Local New Orleans Landmark

Commercial Acoustics Provides Custom Soundproofing for Local New Orleans Landmark

A little over a year ago, the Sazerac Company broke ground on construction for the Sazerac House – a new cocktail and liquor museum located at 500 Canal St in the heart of downtown New Orleans. Known to New Orleans natives as the inventor of the city’s flagship cocktail, the Sazerac Company has been in […]

Classroom Acoustics – Case Study

One of Tampa’s most prestigious prep schools has recently undergone a new addition of early-childhood focused education facility. This facility, designed to meet the most stringent educational and acoustical standards (via ANSI S12), needed significant soundproofing options between adjacent classrooms, classroom-corridor partitions, and around mechanical spaces. School Acoustical Design The General Contractor, consulted with Siebein […]

Cinepolis Hamlin – Cinema Soundproofing Case Study

Movie theaters have a particular type of challenge when it comes to soundproofing and acoustics. The biggest issue many theaters face is low-frequency sounds penetrating through auditorium walls and disturbing guests. This is especially true in luxury cinemas where guest comfort and sound privacy is of the utmost importance for repeat business and satisfied online […]

Armature Works – A Soundproofing Retrofit Case Study

Soundproofing Armature Works

Armature Works is a completely restored, mixed-use building in the historic Tampa Heights neighborhood along the Hillsborough River. Opening late 2017, the space will feature eateries, a public market, event spaces, and co-working space. An event space on the second level of the building that was already open for use was experiencing noise disturbances coming […]

Lakeshore Apartment Soundproofing

Lakeshore Multifamily Development

The Lakeshore Apartments in Colorado was a redevelopment project in which an existing commercial building was turned into eight individual apartment units. The largest challenge of this renovation was achieving the IBC building code 1207.1 requirement of an STC of 50 for demising walls. Soundproofing Requirements for Apartments Not meeting building codes can make for […]