Historic Fenway Hotel

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Initially opened in the 1920s, the Fenway Hotel is due to be reopened later this year as a boutique hotel. While the transformation included cosmetic and functional upgrades, there was one portion of the hotel renovation that called for soundproofing expertise – the noise transfer between rooms.

Construction technology has come a long way in the past century, and with it have come benefits of additional privacy and comfort. Adding sound-blocking layers in a historic hotel, with limited space already, proved to be a real challenge. As we’ve discussed in previous articles, resilient channel can be a feasible solution on wood stud construction (which includes the Fenway), but in this case, the architecture firm couldn’t afford the extra several inches per room (not to mention the installation concerns).

The construction consisted of 2”x6” stud walls with immediately adjacent rooms, leaving limited options. Our team of acoustical consultants reviewed the geometries and target STCs, and provided our solution – Wall Blokker PRO on each side of the assembly, with Floor Blokker on the wood joist flooring systems. Within weeks, our team installed the solution and tested it for effectiveness. While the confined space limited the STC performance, we were able to surpass an STC of 50 at a cost-effective price.

The Fenway is a new type of clientele that is relying on Commercial Acoustics to provide a soundproofing solution on budget, within schedule, and to soundproofing levels that were previously unavailable with conventional construction techniques.

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