Soundproofing Wall Membranes

Improve STC of Walls. Replace multiple layers of drywall to reduce cost and schedule. Tested above STC 50 on single stud wall.


Soundproofing Underlayments

Improve STC & IIC Between Floors. Sound mats for Hardwood, LVT, Laminate, and Tile. Designed and Tested to exceed IIC 50.

Sound Blocking


Floor Underlayments

Floor Blokker


Acoustical Absorption Products

Reduce Echo and Reverberation within a Room. Custom High-NRC panels to treat restaurants, auditoriums, schools, and other large-volume spaces.


Sound Masking Products

Provide Speech Privacy and Acoustic Comfort. Installed in educational, healthcare, and commercial settings.

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Commercial Acoustics provides a selection of lab-tested, premium sound blocking, sound absorbing and sound masking products designed and manufactured to treat commercial spaces. Each comes with detailed installation instructions, technical data sheets, 3-part architectural specifications, and 20+ years of soundproofing expertise to ensure the products are correctly implemented for a successful outcome. In-house acoustical engineers are on staff to answer technical questions which may arise during design and construction.

By combining soundproofing expertise and acoustical consulting knowledge with unique, specially-designed soundproofing products, clients may expert superior STC, IIC, and Reveberation results on their projects. Our Acoustic Consultants are knowledgeable in vibro-acoustics, flanking path analysis, acoustic attenuation in narrow frequency bands, and new acoustic materials that are uniquely designed to address any of the noise issues that may arise on your projects.

We provide Architectural Acoustics training for our architecture and contractor clients that may have broader applications. Consider using our resources below if you have other questions about how to specify or procure the ideal soundproofing or acoustical treatment products for your application.


STC Calculator: Calculate the STC of your partition based on stud type, size, spacing, and drywall/insulation layers

Acoustic Calculator: Calculate the Reverberation Time of your space based on geometry and finishes, and determine how much absorption you need in your space.

Acoustic Lab Test Data: Review Lab Test and Data Sheets data for each our products

Acoustic Fabric Finishes: Used for Acoustic Panels, Ceiling Clouds, and Absorbing Baffles