Acoustic Consulting Services

Acoustical Testing:

  • Airborne and Vibration – Testing and Analysis
  • Field Tests Compliant with ASTM E1007 and ASTM E336
  • Spectral/Frequency Analysis (1/3rd Octave Band)
  • Reverberation (RT60) and Decay Analysis
  • Privacy/Articulation Index (STIPA) Testing
  • Ambient Noise and Roadway Testing
Commercial Acoustics Performs Acoustical Testing with Sound Meter


Architect Designing with Acoustical and Soundproofing Solutions

Acoustical Design:

  • Building Code Attenuation Compliance
  • Determine Target STCs and IICs
  • Wall/Floor Configuration and Assembly Validation
  • Construction Administration – Site Checks
  • Design-Assist for Architectural Firms
  • Training & Seminars for Architects, Designers, and Construction Groups

Exterior Noise Control:

  • Acoustic Modeling and Simulation
  • Geographical Data Plots
  • Highway and Traffic Studies
  • Noise Propagation Analysis
  • Acoustic Assessments
  • Noise Ordinance Compliance
Acoustic Modeling and Simulation


Industrial Soundproofing

Industrial Acoustic Consulting Applications:

  • Machine and Facility Noise Control
  • Custom Design and Fabrication for Industrial Equipment
  • On-Site Noise Source Detection and Isolation
  • OSHA Testing and Compliance
  • Industry-Relevant Product Knowledge

Finding the Acoustic Consultant for Your Project

For Additional Information see Acoustic Consulting Case Studies

Commercial Acoustics has a combined 30+ years of Acoustic Consulting and Engineering expertise on staff to provide detailed acoustical analysis, acoustic testing, design-assist, and other acoustic consulting services to our clients. Our Acoustic Consulting Firm employs engineers and technicians with a wide background of expertise, including Architectural Acoustics, Structural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical/Aerospace Manufacturing. Using process-based analytical assessments and integrating diverse skill sets, our Acoustic Consultants are able to provide detailed analyses from multi-disciplinary points of view.

Whether you need detailed design support, or more streamlined design-assist or acoustic audit services, one of our acoustical engineers is available to assist. If one of our soundproofing products is an ideal, value-added solution, then we are happy to refer an independent Industrial Noise Control Engineer or NCAC-certified firm from the National Council of Acoustic Consultants that may review our lab-tested materials or provide a third-party evaluation of our analysis.

By relying on engineering expertise and acoustic consulting competencies, you may remove the complexity of layers of marketing material and best understand the expected performance in your commercial project.

In order to best assist you, please consider reaching out to Tell Us About Your Project.

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