• Airborne and Vibration – Testing and Analysis
  • Field Tests Compliant with ASTM E1007 and ASTM E336
  • Spectral/Frequency Analysis (1/3rd Octave Band)
  • Reverberation (RT60) and Decay Analysis
  • Privacy/Articulation Index (STIPA) Testing
  • Ambient Noise and Roadway Testing
Commercial Acoustics Performs Acoustical Testing with Sound Meter


Architect Designing with Acoustical and Soundproofing Solutions

Acoustical Design:

  • Building Code Attenuation Compliance
  • Determine Target STCs and IICs
  • Wall/Floor Configuration and Assembly Validation
  • Construction Administration – Site Checks
  • Design-Assist for Architectural Firms
  • Training & Seminars for Architects, Designers, and Construction Groups

Exterior Noise Control:

  • Acoustic Modeling and Simulation
  • Geographical Data Plots
  • Highway and Traffic Studies
  • Noise Propagation Analysis
  • Acoustic Assessments
  • Noise Ordinance Compliance
Acoustic Modeling and Simulation


Industrial Soundproofing

Industrial Applications:

  • Machine and Facility Noise Control
  • Custom Design and Fabrication for Industrial Equipment
  • On-Site Noise Source Detection and Isolation
  • OSHA Testing and Compliance
  • Industry-Relevant Product Knowledge