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Noise Mitigation for Banks

Bank Acoustics

Modern commercial banking locations are key examples of multi-use spaces requiring sound mitigation.  Typically a lobby with hard walls and flooring welcomes customers, while executive offices or open desk areas are adjacent to the retail operations of the main banking area. The office partition walls are often thinly constructed and replete with single-pane glass – […]

Tampa Sound Masking for Tru Simulation

Open Office Sound Masking

Tampa Sound Masking Solution When the headquarters of Tru Simulation + Training in Tampa Florida needed to improve sound privacy within the accounting and sales division of their office space, they contacted the experts at Commercial Acoustics to analyze the space and determine the most efficient way to solve their sound transmission issues. The parent […]

Sound Masking – Medical Counseling Facility

sound masking speakers

When it comes to acoustics, there can be times when absorption and blocking aren’t enough, or even the right solution. In doctor’s offices, counseling centers, and other medical facilities, speech privacy is of the utmost importance. Not only to provide a peaceful and quiet environment for both patient and caregiver, but to protect confidentiality. In […]

Sofwerx Sound Masking and Acoustics in Tampa

commercial acoustics sofwerx absorption

Sofwerx was a Joint Venture between the Department of Defense and a local non-profit known as the Doolittle Institute. The focus is to develop a training and strategy group that could provide counter-UAV support for our troops. Sound Masking in a Converted Warehouse The team was faced with an extremely aggressive task of converting an […]

MidFlorida Credit Union Call Center Sound Masking

call center sound masking acoustics

MidFlorida Credit Union employees found themselves struggling with voice carryover in their headquarters’ call center. With calls being placed continuously by the many employees in the center, background noise built up and became a real problem for workers who were unable to hear over the noise created by their coworker’s calls. The excessive background noise […]

Sheriff’s Office Sound Masking

sound masking for pinellas county sherrifs office

The Pinellas County’s Sheriff’s Office was struggling with a number of noise complaints. Among other things, they were concerned with the sound privacy in interview rooms, to ensure that interviews were conducted in a confidential manner. When one suspect is able to hear anothers’ alibi over the wall, it makes the job of getting to […]

Sound Masking for Open Offices

sound masking components

In open layouts – whether it’s offices, libraries, or museums – noise often becomes a major concern. Without a proper background noise, loud noises are particularly distracting, due to the Dynamic Range that occurs (difference between quietest and loudest moments). Large dynamic ranges make it difficult for employees to concentrate or visitors to enjoy the space. […]