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Wall Blokker – Ideal Soundproofing Solution to Achieve STC 50+

wall blokker lite

With so many STC-rated assemblies out on the marketplace, what makes the Wall Blokker soundproofing membrane so unique? Architects, contractors and owners face the issue every day on how to cost-effectively soundproofing their walls and floors. Commercial Acoustics is revolutionizing the soundproofing industry by providing a new EVA polymer-based membrane that hangs quickly and easily […]

Uses for 2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl

2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV

For those that have worked in museums, libraries, and other specialty civic projects, you may have noticed the tendency for architects to use 2# MLV, or 2 lb/sf (2 pounds per square foot) Mass Loaded Vinyl. This is an extremely heavy soundproofing membrane that is used to block noise from loud areas, such as mechanical […]

Reach STC 50 in Modular Construction

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The building industry has evolved enormously in the past 20 years. While labor rates have increased, the amount of skilled labor available for many construction jobs is extremely limited. This is even more true for highly-skilled jobs, such as welding, carpentry, plumbing, and other trades. When this occurs, Architects and Contractors are forced to find […]

Increase Drywall Profits with Soundproofing Products

Soundproof Media Room

Drywall contractors are often tasked with ensuring constructed walls reach or exceed minimum STC values. In order to do this, it may seem simple to add extra layers of drywall and reap the benefits. However, the fallout could mean lost contracts when competitors realize there are much cheaper ways to hit high STC values. Related: […]

Determine Target IICs

Your IIC Rating, or Impact Insulation Class, is a major factor in how much sound tenants will hear directly below a floor-ceiling assembly. The rating is determined by using a tapping machine on an existing assembly, and measuring the amount of sound that comes through below. This test measures structure-borne, or vibrational sound – the […]

STC Ratings for Load Bearing Walls

STC Ratings on Heavy Gauges

STC Ratings for Walls One of the ultimate trade-offs in wall design is structural load versus STC ratings. It’s a relatively straight-forward proposition to achieve an STC 50 on a 25-gauge stud wall, but if the wall requires shear strength or structural load capacity, then the gauge size and spacing become a major hindrance. For […]

Understanding & Determining STC Ratings

Basic Overview of STC Ratings Acoustical consultants are able to provide developers with valuable information regarding a structure’s noise reduction abilities, but have you ever wondered what rating systems they use or how those systems work? Keep reading for a basic run-down on the workings of the currently used STC system for the next time one […]

Reduce Flanking Noise in Your Walls

Reduce Flanking noise in your walls

Flanking is a term used in the acoustic industry by engineers to describe how sound transmits between spaces indirectly going over or around rather than directly through the main separating element.  Flanking prohibits sound isolation to be possibly causing this to be a difficulty for multi-family housing or even decreasing privacy for single-family homes. To […]

Increase STC of Single-Stud Walls

Increase the STC of Walls

One of the most difficult challenges many architects face is to provide a satisfactory wall assembly without taking up too much space. There are a number of considerations, including thermal, structural, and aesthetic, among others. However, one of the most difficult attributes to add to a wall is Increasing the STC (Sound Transmission Class) in […]

Tips for Dealing With Noisy Neighbors in Your Apartment

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While apartment style living has many perks, noise disturbances can be a major disadvantage. When all that separates you from your neighbor is a thin wall, sound transfer can become a major issue. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with noisy neighbors in your complex. Apartment Soundproofing Options During new construction, there may […]