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Tips for Dealing With Noisy Neighbors in Your Apartment

soundproof apartment

While apartment style living has many perks, noise disturbances can be a major disadvantage. When all that separates you from your neighbor is a thin wall, sound transfer can become a major issue. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with noisy neighbors in your complex. Furniture Placement If noise is transferring through your […]

Armature Works – Case Study

Soundproofing Armature Works

Armature Works is a completely restored, mixed-use building in the historic Tampa Heights neighborhood along the Hillsborough River. Opening late 2017, the space will feature eateries, a public market, event spaces, and co-working space. An event space on the second level of the building that was already open for use was experiencing noise disturbances coming […]

Acoustical Treatment for Restaurants

soundproofing restaurant

Restaurants are a space where people come together to socialize, full of chatter, the sound of clanking glasses, and music. However, if your restaurant has a noise reverberation problem, the customer’s social experience could be suffering. When people have to yell to compete with the noise of the crowd, speech privacy and intelligibility is lost. […]

Lakeshore Multi-Family Development – Case Study

Lakeshore Multifamily Development

The Lakeshore Apartments in Colorado was a redevelopment project in which an existing commercial building was turned into eight individual apartment units. The largest challenge of this renovation was achieving the IBC building code 1207.1 requirement of an STC of 50 for demising walls. Not meeting building codes can make for unsatisfied residents, annoyed management, […]

I Love Kickboxing – Case Study

Kickboxing studio

I Love Kickboxing, a kickboxing studio in Alpharetta, Georgia, builds out their gyms in existing retail spaces with other neighboring businesses. They came to Commercial Acoustics with the task of keeping loud music and workout noise from entering neighboring spaces, as well as keeping construction costs down in the building of a new studio space. […]

Sound Blocking the Quality Distribution Inc. Headquarters – Case Study

QDI case study truck

When Quality Distribution Inc. decided to move its headquarters and 250 employees to a newly renovated 45,000-square-foot office space in downtown Tampa, creating the optimal work environment was a priority. A study by Gensler found that only one in four U.S. employees are currently in optimal workplace environments, leaving the rest to struggle with decreased productivity, […]

Soundproofing for Multi-Family Development in Wisconsin – Case Study

multi-family development soundproofing

Noise complaints in multi-family developments are a very common problem, according to this study. Recently, Little Creek Construction in Wisconsin, already familiar with the installation and performance of our Floor Blokker membrane, came back to Commercial Acoustics for soundproofing of their new installation of Luxury Vinyl Planking. The underlayment was adhered down to the floor beneath the […]

Noise Reduction in Factories

Noise reduction in factory

Factories are one of the loudest working environments due to the excess noise created by running machinery. Keep reading for tips on how to reduce noise in your factory and create a more productive work space. Sound Absorbing Wall Treatments When high-noise machines are placed up against walls in the factory, sound absorbing wall treatments […]

Unexpected Ways Noise is Getting Into Your Home

soundproofing home

If you’ve ever lived close to a noise source, you know the negative effect noise disturbances can have on your life. Removing the noise source is usually impossible, and hiring a soundproofing expert is expensive, leaving most victims of noise problems feeling hopeless. However, many noise problems are the result of common weak spots that […]