Wall Blokker Lite

Wall Blokker Lite Data Sheet

Commercial Acoustics Wall Blokker Lite is a specially designed EVAbased product engineered to block the transmission of sound waves. The membrane combines sufficient Mass to reflect airborne sound energy, and Flexibility to dampen structure-borne noise.

Wall Blokker Lite soundproofing material is a high density, non-porous material that exhibits a non-resonant quality due to its elastic nature. Wall Blokker Lite is simply stapled or nailed directly to metal or wood studs, and drywall is installed directly on top.

Durable and Resilient, Wall Blokker Lite was designed to as a lightweight, affordable alternative to other sound membranes, tested on assemblies most common in the Hospitality and Multi-Family industries.

Engineered Applications:

  • Walls Requiring STC from 50 to 55 (Hospitality & Multi-Family)
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Multiple Layers of Drywall
  • Low-Frequency Performance: Significant improvement over Conventional Construction Methods below 500 Hz
  • Tested on Metal Studs (20-Gauge & 25-Gauge) with STC Improvement of 6-11 Points
  • Designed for Optimized Installation Efficiency –
    • 2 Man Crew Hang Sheets Every 3-5 Minutes
    • Factory Cut to Exact Wall Length to Minimize Scrap and Piecing

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