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Cancer Treatment and Research Center Acoustics

soundproofing and acoustical treatment for medical centers

A cancer treatment and research center is undergoing a renovation to replace wood flooring with terrazzo. The reverberation in this space has already raised some complaints, and the more reflective floor covering is expected to create more. These issues are most noticeable during events hosted in the atrium with amplified loud speakers. Moffitt Hospital Acoustic […]

Luxury Timeshare Soundproofing in Orlando

soundproofing luxury apartments

Acoustic Testing for Apartments Testing and analysis were performed for a luxury timeshare in Orlando, 2 walls were tested: The wall between units 209A and 210A and the wall between 211A and 212A. Both tests were performed late in the afternoon, around 5PM, when the construction on the adjacent job site was sufficiently low, but […]

Sarasota Aerospace Office Soundproofing

soundproofing consulting aerospace

Commercial Acoustics performed acoustic testing and analysis for a property manager working for a commercial property. One of their commercial tenants, an aerospace center at the property had concerns about sound attenuation between adjacent tenant units. Two adjacent legal firms, with very low background noise in their offices, could occasionally hear muffled conversations being held in the office […]

Office Vibrational Testing

office space vibration testing

Below find an excerpt of a Consulting Case Study in which Commercial Acoustics provided Acoustic Consulting Services to a commercial client to identify and mitigate vibration issues in their concrete slab. Vibrational Testing Scope of Work: A property management firm has encountered complaints regarding structural vibrations in one of its commercial office properties in Lake […]

Tampa Upscale Hotel Acoustic Consulting

hotel acoustic consulting

An upscale hotel reached out to Commercial Acoustics because they had been experiencing noise complaint issues since opening 3 years ago. There were a number of guest complaints regarding noise, from thin walls between adjacent neighbors, to loud music outside and noisy street traffic. Hotel Acoustical Consulting During this time period, the hotel has used […]

Gym Sound Treatment

A gym reached out to us in search for a solution to the noise issues they’re having. They are located on the 2nd level of a commercial structure surrounded by a day spa, retail store and office space. The structure is dealing with reported sound transmission through the walls and flooring assembly between tenant spaces […]

Central Florida Hospital Acoustic Sound Study

Hospital Acoustics

Solving Hospital Noise Complaints The management from a hospital in central Florida requested an assessment and potential solutions to improve their sound rating scores in their facility. Specifically, the intent was to study and improve the HCAHPS question of whether patients find their environment “Always Quiet at Night”, and the corresponding improvement in patient care […]

Acoustical Consultation and Testing

Commercial Acoustics was contracted to perform acoustic consulting services for a multi-family property in upstate New York where residents were complaining of excessive noise, particularly from adjacent stairways and from footfall above. After initial review and discussion with the client, Commercial Acoustics traveled to the site and performed a number of acoustical tests for structure-borne (AIIC) […]

Noise Issues with Drop Ceiling

soundproofing ceiling flanking

One of the most common complaints we see in office and educational settings is flanking noise through open plenums between adjacent spaces. This is often problematic when walls between offices don’t go to deck allowing sound to pass directly through the Acoustic Ceiling Tile and allowing clearly audible conversations between neighbors. (Note: ACT are not […]