I Love Kickboxing – Case Study

Kickboxing studio

I Love Kickboxing, a kickboxing studio in Alpharetta, Georgia, builds out their gyms in existing retail spaces with other neighboring businesses. They came to Commercial Acoustics with the task of keeping loud music and workout noise from entering neighboring spaces, as well as keeping construction costs down in the building of a new studio space.

The solution? Using our Wall Blokker Pro over the existing layer of drywall and a finish layer of 5/8” drywall to achieve an STC of 55 in their demising walls. Wall Blokker Pro can be installed below the exposed surface of the wall during the construction phase of new projects to reduce noise by up to 75%.

Using the Wall Blokker Pro over the exsiting drywall kept I Love Kickboxing from having demolition costs and from having to build a second wall, allowing them to keep more workout space available for clients. It will also prevent noise complaints, keeping both management and neighbors more satisfied and productive.

If you are interested in learning about the sound treatment of workout spaces, refer to this case study for more information.

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