Noise Complaints for Crossfit Gyms

soundproofing for gyms

As health is becoming more of a concern for Americans, trends in working out and training have increased.  Training programs, like Crossfit, are spreading like wildfire.  According to, there are over 7000 Crossfit locations around the world. Not only are individuals becoming more fit, but the gyms themselves are becoming more fit for help from soundproofing experts.

Crossfit is catching a bad rep due to noise complaints from residents nearby to its gyms.  Located in residential and business areas, Crossfit provides a convenient place where health-conscious individuals can focus on training in the midst of their busy lives.   Although the athletes are focused on gains through heavy lifting and pump up tunes, they may often forget about the disturbance they bring to business owners and loss of sleep they bring to locals through loud music, clanking weights, and excessive grunting.

Owner of NRG Recording Studios in Hollywood, California, Jay Baumgarder, is facing an ongoing case against Crossfit due to constant noise disturbances.  Baumgarder notes that after almost 40 years of recording music in the same location, the newly established Crossfit nextdoor disrupts recordings almost everyday.   

NRG Recording Studios produces with pronounced artists like Kanye West and Linkin Park.  Baumgarder finds it frustrating that oftentimes songs produced at his studio are the very songs causing disturbances to his work. However, music is not the only thing bringing issues to Crossfit.

A Chicago resident, Ms. Caston, shared an apartment wall with a Crossfit gym that woke her up at 5:30 in the morning and created a “Jurassic Park” like living experience on a daily basis. She reported disturbances to the police. However, no action was able to be taken because the gym was not violating any laws.  Fortunately, the landlord of her building was a member of the Crossfit nextdoor and allowed Ms. Caston to prematurely end her lease which forced her to move into a more expensive apartment.  

With some cases still in progress, and others resulting in hefty expenses, it is clear Crossfit is causing commotion all around the nation. Russel Berger, a spokesman for CrossFit Inc., says, “The process for training in a way that gets results requires some noise and some sweat.”

Although this is true, gyms like Crossfit can avoid complaints through seeking help from soundproofing professionals that may be able to solve their problems.

If this may be an issue for you, don’t sweat anymore than you already do at the gym.  Call Commercial Acoustics at (888) 815-9691 to set up a free consultation.


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