Sound Blocking the Quality Distribution Inc. Headquarters – Case Study

QDI case study truck

When Quality Distribution Inc. decided to move its headquarters and 250 employees to a newly renovated 45,000-square-foot office space in downtown Tampa, creating the optimal work environment was a priority. A study by Gensler found that only one in four U.S. employees are currently in optimal workplace environments, leaving the rest to struggle with decreased productivity, less innovation, and low workplace morale. QDI wanted to avoid this problem by decreasing noise disturbances in their new headquarters.

Along with a hyper-customized interior buildout which included shipping container offices, a 25’ high exposed concrete deck and a blend of modern and industrial furniture, acoustical treatments were implemented throughout. QDI is a trucking company which relies on customer service and sales team members making calls within an open bullpen area. A sound masking system was already installed throughout the two bullpen spaces to increase privacy and speech intelligibility, necessary to maintain a high-performance environment.

Because of the tall deck height and visible piping and HVAC system, Commercial Acoustics installed pipe lagging throughout the space to limit the disturbance of rushing water sound. Pipe lagging can be installed over existent pipes to reduce the distracting, rattling noise they make.

pipe lagging commercial acoustics
pipe lagging commercial acoustics 2

To learn more about pipe lagging, read this case study about how Commercial Acoustics decreased noise disturbances in a residential setting.

Katherine Wolf