ULI Awarded Developer – Case Study

chicago acoustical testing

A large, ULI awarded developer in Chicago, IL was considering a switch to panelized light gauge framing for developments between five and thirteen stories high. Before making this change, the developer wanted to run some acoustical tests.

The developer looked to Commercial Acoustics to facilitate the testing. Commercial Acoustics’ expert technicians performed a total of eight tests on wall assemblies with 6-inch studs, 24-inch O.C, two layers of 5/8-inch drywall and a single layer of Wall Blokker Pro.

The test results showed an improvement in STC by a delta of +5 points in 12 ga, 14 ga, 16 ga and 18 ga when the Wall Blokker Pro was in place. The developer was pleased with the Wall Blokker Pro’s ability to improve STC ratings.

Fernando Eguez