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731 St Charles Ave – New Orleans Condo Soundproofing

new orleans soundproofing

731 St Charles Ave. is a $40 million condominium development currently under construction in the heart of the CBD in New Orleans.  The site was renovated to replace a historic concrete building from 1965 that threw several the city’s earliest Mardi Gras balls. Luxury Condo Soundproofing in New Orleans The five-story development boasts luxury units […]

Acoustic Consulting – Miami Reverberation Analysis

miami acoustic assessment

Acoustic Assessment: Commercial Acoustics reviewed the progress Drawing Set for an upcoming 4-star Hotel in Miami, FL in order to provide acoustic treatment recommendations for the Amenity Lounge. Analysis of the room was performed based on the room geometries and finishes included in the drawing set. Using the Sabin’s Formula, the A-weighted reverberation time (RT60) […]

Reach STC 50 in Modular Construction

soundproofing luxury apartments

The building industry has evolved enormously in the past 20 years. While labor rates have increased, the amount of skilled labor available for many construction jobs is extremely limited. This is even more true for highly-skilled jobs, such as welding, carpentry, plumbing, and other trades. When this occurs, Architects and Contractors are forced to find […]

Tips for Dealing With Noisy Neighbors in Your Apartment

apartment soundproofing

While apartment style living has many perks, noise disturbances can be a major disadvantage. When all that separates you from your neighbor is a thin wall, sound transfer can become a major issue. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with noisy neighbors in your complex. Apartment Soundproofing Options During new construction, there may […]

Lakeshore Apartment Soundproofing

Lakeshore Multifamily Development

The Lakeshore Apartments in Colorado was a redevelopment project in which an existing commercial building was turned into eight individual apartment units. The largest challenge of this renovation was achieving the IBC building code 1207.1 requirement of an STC of 50 for demising walls. Soundproofing Requirements for Apartments Not meeting building codes can make for […]

Soundproofing for Multi-Family Development in Wisconsin

multi-family development soundproofing

Noise complaints in multi-family developments are a very common problem, according to this study. Recently, Little Creek Construction in Wisconsin, already familiar with the installation and performance of our Floor Blokker membrane, came back to Commercial Acoustics for soundproofing of their new installation of Luxury Vinyl Planking. Multi-Family Soundproofing Products The underlayment was adhered down to the […]

ULI Developer Modular Construction Soundproofing

chicago acoustical testing

A large, ULI awarded developer in Chicago, IL was considering a switch to panelized light gauge framing for developments between five and thirteen stories high. Before making this change, the developer wanted to run some acoustical tests. As with many developers, the potential cost savings for modular construction are particularly attractive. Since much of the […]

Stop Apartment Noise Disturbances Before They Begin

apartment soundproofing multifamily

From luxury suites to affordable complexes, one of the main factors to consider when building apartment homes is sound. Living wall-to-wall with your neighbors can make for plenty of noise disturbances so it comes as no surprise that a quiet and private living space is of value to most apartment dwellers, and they’re willing to pay […]

Understanding Expected IIC and STC of Assemblies in Florida Apartment

Case Study: STC Ratings in Apartment Complex The following case study was completed for an architecture firm in Central Florida in early 2017. The intent was to review STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings of standard wall assemblies that were being designed and specified by the internal architect. While the assemblies were expected to achieve STC […]

Condo Soundproofing in St Petersburg

multifamily soundproofing florida

When developing luxury hotel and condo units, sound transmission and privacy are a top concern. Condo owners have a reasonable expectation of privacy and near-silence, and this expectation increases as the cost of the unit does as well. Soundproofing the condo ceilings, walls, and floors contribute to an acceptable acoustic environment to the end owner. […]