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Dance Studio Soundproofing – Case Study

Dance Studio IIC Testing

Dance Studio Soundproofing An architectural firm in South Florida recently contacted Commercial Acoustics due to potential sound transfer issues from a second-floor dance studio located within a commercial structure. This is a very common issue that businesses, unfortunately, tend to find out after the building has already been put in place. It’s an even bigger […]

Cinepolis Hamlin – Cinema Soundproofing Case Study

Movie theaters have a particular type of challenge when it comes to soundproofing and acoustics. The biggest issue many theaters face is low-frequency sounds penetrating through auditorium walls and disturbing guests. This is especially true in luxury cinemas where guest comfort and sound privacy is of the utmost importance for repeat business and satisfied online […]

Yeoman’s Cask & Lion Restaurant Acoustic Panels

yeomans acoutic ceiling panels

Restaurant Echo Problem One problem many restaurants face is too much reverberation in their space, especially when there are live music performances or it’s a packed house during sporting events. Unlike office space or classrooms that have plush furniture and carpeting to help absorb sound waves, restaurants are filled with hard, reflective surfaces that cause […]

ULI Developer Modular Construction Soundproofing

chicago acoustical testing

A large, ULI awarded developer in Chicago, IL was considering a switch to panelized light gauge framing for developments between five and thirteen stories high. Before making this change, the developer wanted to run some acoustical tests. As with many developers, the potential cost savings for modular construction are particularly attractive. Since much of the […]

Commercial Acoustics in Partnership with Sound Proof Atlanta

soundproof atlanta

Commercial Acoustics has partnered with Sound Proof Atlanta to provide a complete, service-oriented soundproofing solution to clients in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Sound Proof Atlanta has been providing soundproofing and acoustical solutions to the Greater Atlanta market for some time now. Steve Forrester, the President, has been working on various sound and acoustic assemblies for over […]

Sofwerx Sound Masking and Acoustics in Tampa

commercial acoustics sofwerx absorption

Sofwerx was a Joint Venture between the Department of Defense and a local non-profit known as the Doolittle Institute. The focus is to develop a training and strategy group that could provide counter-UAV support for our troops. Sound Masking in a Converted Warehouse The team was faced with an extremely aggressive task of converting an […]

MidFlorida Credit Union Call Center Sound Masking

call center sound masking acoustics

MidFlorida Credit Union employees found themselves struggling with voice carryover in their headquarters’ call center. With calls being placed continuously by the many employees in the center, background noise built up and became a real problem for workers who were unable to hear over the noise created by their coworker’s calls. The excessive background noise […]

Soundproofing Walls and Ceilings in Your Gym

soundproofing for gyms commercial acoustics

From SoulCycle to Barre to Zumba, it seems like there’s a new workout craze every week these days, and with all these fitness classes come new gyms on every corner. Blaring music, loud equipment and stamping feet may pump you up while you work out but for the daycare center and office building next door, […]

Understanding Expected IIC and STC of Assemblies in Florida Apartment

Case Study: STC Ratings in Apartment Complex The following case study was completed for an architecture firm in Central Florida in early 2017. The intent was to review STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings of standard wall assemblies that were being designed and specified by the internal architect. While the assemblies were expected to achieve STC […]

Cancer Treatment and Research Center Acoustics

soundproofing and acoustical treatment for medical centers

A cancer treatment and research center is undergoing a renovation to replace wood flooring with terrazzo. The reverberation in this space has already raised some complaints, and the more reflective floor covering is expected to create more. These issues are most noticeable during events hosted in the atrium with amplified loud speakers. Moffitt Hospital Acoustic […]