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Golf Clubhouse Acoustics

clubhouse acoustics

A common complaint that we receive at Commercial Acoustics is when Golf Clubhouse Acoustics are overly reverberant, allowing an excessive echo that disrupts patrons. Clubhouses have a wide range of acceptable reverb times, but they should never exceed 1.3 seconds, especially if amplified speech or speaking engagements are going to be used in the space. […]

Acoustic Panels Used to Treat Clubhouse Noise

Treating Clubhouse Noise

As is often the case, large clubhouses with reflective surfaces are particularly vulnerable to excessive reverberation. This is usually not noticed until after construction, leaving property managers to determine how to treat the issue. It’s often brought to management’s attention when the users of the clubhouse determine that it’s not acceptably treated to perform various […]

Acoustic Treatment for Multipurpose Room

Multipurpose Room Acoustics

Multi-purpose rooms, by definition, will have several use cases in which acoustic criteria are likely to vary. In some cases you may be looking to host a comfortable dining environment, while in others, you may have a networking event where people are encouraged to walk around and mingle. There may situations in which amplified sound […]

Clubhouse Acoustics Treatment

Clubhouses are a common client at Commercial Acoustics, due to the standard clubhouse footprint design – high, tapered ceilings with reflective walls and floors. Whether used for community mixers, dances, bingo, or simply gathering spaces, Clubhouse acoustics must be adequately addressed we acoustic treatment to ensure that the space achieves maximum usability for a plethora […]

Lake House Acoustical Treatment

lake house acoustic treatment

At the Lake House room in a luxury, master-planned community in Lake Nona, Florida, an unexpected issue arose. The aesthetics of the room were impeccable. The room was adorned floor to ceiling windows along the walls, and custom chandeliers in the center. The hardwood floor was especially unique – charred in an oven for hours, […]