Noise Reduction in Factories

Noise reduction in factory

Factories are one of the loudest working environments due to the excess noise created by running machinery. Keep reading for tips on how to reduce noise in your factory and create a more productive work space.

Sound Absorbing Wall Treatments

When high-noise machines are placed up against walls in the factory, sound absorbing wall treatments can provide noise reduction. Our Absorption Foam or Acoustic Absorption Panels can be easily hung over walls to absorb noise coming from the vibration of machinery.

Widely Spacing Machines

Widely spacing machines creates more room for noise reverberation throughout the room, which can be combated by installing efficient sound absorbing treatment on the ceiling and upper walls, as previously mentioned. This can reduce the total amount of noise in the room, but does little to reduce noise in the free field for the equipment operator standing directly in front of the machinery. This layout is better for speech intelligibility, which is a measure of how comprehensive speech is in a given setting.

Closely Spacing Machines

In a factory with higher ceilings, machines should be closely spaced. In this case, room surface treatment can be more effective if the noise in the free field is quieter than the total noise reverberating throughout the whole room. This will reduce the reflected sound, meaning that equipment operators can be more responsive to the noise of their own machines. This layout is better for increasing employee productivity and satisfaction, as machine operators are not as distracted by other nearby noise and can focus on the job in front of them.

Installing Enclosures to Contain Machine Noise

A sound-isolating enclosure with an operable view panel can allow workers to operate their machine without directly facing high noise levels. While this method involves constructing and installing an enclosure, it can be incredibly effective in containing the noise of a machine.

If you are interested in learning more about isolating vibrating machinery, read this article for additional information. If one of these tactics worked in your factory, let us know in the comments below.