Soundproofing for Multi-Family Development in Wisconsin – Case Study

multi-family development soundproofing

Noise complaints in multi-family developments are a very common problem, according to this study. Recently, Little Creek Construction in Wisconsin, already familiar with the installation and performance of our Floor Blokker membrane, came back to Commercial Acoustics for soundproofing of their new installation of Luxury Vinyl Planking.

The underlayment was adhered down to the floor beneath the LVT with a Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive that provides sufficient contact without over-applying, which can reduce the performance of underlayments. Additional fastening methods, such as nailing down hardwood floors, reduces the performance of underlayments.

Because of the use of a thicker LVT with a sufficient wear layer and base layer, a floating application of the Floor Blokker was acceptable in this case. This configuration has been lab-tested on concrete and wood subfloors, and means that neither the underlayment nor LVT are adhered down, increasing soundproofing ability. If a floating application is not possible, a single-glue (where just the underlayment is adhered down) or a double-glue (where both the underlayment and LVT are adhered down) configuration are also options, though less effective as every additional layer of adhesive reduces soundproofing.

This floating application of Floor Blokker membrane means that tenants in this multi-family development in Wisconsin will have a quieter, peaceful living experience.

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Katherine Wolf