Home Theater Acoustics – Case Study

stretched fabric acoustic system

A high-end movie theater was being constructed into a custom home in Clearwater, FL. While the Audio-Visual components of the system were already contracted, the GC was also looking for an acoustic specialist to provide acoustical treatment in the room.

Commercial Acoustics performed a site visit, and proposed to fabricate and install custom floor-to-ceiling acoustic panel treatment. While many acoustic panel projects use stand-alone or patterned acoustical panel layouts, the theater required a separate approach. For floor-to-ceiling treatment, a stretched-fabric system was installed on custom tracks covering 1” thick dense fiberglass board insulation.

Fabric was selected that matched the existing décor of the home theater seats and interior design elements.

The ceiling also used custom acoustical fabric from Guilford of Maine and provided a starlight fiber-optic display to set the background light.

In the end, this stretched fabric acoustic system provided ideal reverberation control, while also offering the client a cost-effective solution.

In general, floor-to-ceiling wall systems such as this are more affordable per square foot than panelized systems.