Clubhouse Acoustics – Case Study

Blue Heron Pines in Southwest Florida had a new clubhouse with significant echo and reverberation issues.

Because the clubhouse was used for speeches and community gatherings, the lack of ability to hear others speak (known as Speech Intelligibility) proved to be a significant issue. The clubhouse operator contacted Commercial Acoustics for a reverberation test and subsequent hanging of acoustical panels.

The initial reverb time was measured at 1.5 seconds, which, while not being extremely long by clubhouse standards, still posed acoustical issues for the multi-purpose space.

Commercial Acoustics custom-fabricated 24 large acoustic panels (3’x6’) with fabrics selected by the clubhouse management staff. Within two weeks, the acoustic panels were installed and reduced the reverberation by more than 40%. The clubhouse now provides a lively atmosphere (reverberation time around 1.05 seconds), without speech disturbance.

Similar to other clubhouse acoustical issues and similar restaurant acoustical treatments, the solution was a combination of added absorption material and aesthetic design.