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Zasu Restaurant Treated with Custom Color Acoustic Panels

restaurant custom color acoustic panel

Solving acoustic problems in restaurants can be challenging, especially when the restaurant’s design emphasizes its own unique interior aesthetics.  Acoustic panels must be able to homogenize with a restaurant’s custom trim, molding, and paint to match the interior environment.  Commercial Acoustics has made tremendous progress with the customization of acoustic panels, particularly with custom color […]

Mellow Mushroom – Restaurant Acoustics

Mellow Mushroom is a hip national pizzeria chain attracting all age demographics. Known for their delicious food and fun and creative restaurant environment, the quality of their guests dining experience is of the utmost importance. As with most dining establishments, having the proper acoustical environment is necessary. When a Mellow Mushroom restaurant location was experiencing […]

Restaurant – Soundproofing AcoustiTrac Partition

Restaurant Soundproofing

Soundproofing a Restaurant Wright’s Gourmet is an upscale eatery known for its delicious meals and family-friendly atmosphere. Recently Wright’s renovated their large dining room to improve the functionality of the space and the restaurant’s ability to host business events and social gatherings. To provide sound privacy for multiple groups at the same time, options to […]

Restaurant Acoustical Absorption – Ceiling Clouds

acoustic absorption

Mekenita Cantina Mexican Restaurant is a hip and lively eatery in the heart of a booming culinary scene in downtown Tampa Florida. After the build out was complete, the space was experiencing high reverberation times which created an overpoweringly loud dining experience, and cause for complaint with patrons. Mexican Restaurant Acoustic Treatment To improve speech-intelligibility […]

Treating Restaurant Acoustics with Fabric Wall System

Fins Restaurant in Venice, FL was dealing with excessive noise complaints from their patrons. This high-end restaurant in Sarasota has an amazing view overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, and is surrounded by boutiques and other fine dining establishments. However, the noise issues were still significant, even after the restaurant had acoustic panels installed last year. […]

Yeoman’s Cask & Lion Restaurant Acoustic Panels

yeomans acoutic ceiling panels

Restaurant Echo Problem One problem many restaurants face is too much reverberation in their space, especially when there are live music performances or it’s a packed house during sporting events. Unlike office space or classrooms that have plush furniture and carpeting to help absorb sound waves, restaurants are filled with hard, reflective surfaces that cause […]

Acoustic Sound Panels in Naples Flatbread

commercial acoustics absorption panels naples flatbread

Restaurant Acoustic Treatment with Large Commercial Acoustic Panels Naples Flatbread, a modern restaurant serving up artisanal flatbreads, recently discovered they were suffering from a sound problem. In addition to their restaurant services, the trendy location is equipped with a stage and offers live music to guests as they dine. Nearly all restaurants experience some type […]

Restaurant Acoustics – Sarasota, Florida

restaurant acoustics commercial acoustics speaks

Determining the Restaurant Acoustics Speaks Clam Bar in Sarasota, Florida opened 2 months ago, and with the high-end marble finish and tile floor, noted that they were experiencing sound issues. Specifically, they had excessive reverberation in their restaurant that made it difficult for patrons to converse easily. Losing what we call “Speech Intelligibility“. This is […]

Tropical Smoothie Acoustic Art Panel

sound treatment acoustical artwork

As with many restaurants, Tropical Smoothie was suffering unwanted reverberation due to hard surfaces in their kitchen and dining area. Commercial Acoustics came on site and performed a reverberation test, then implemented a unique solution that improved their acoustics and aesthetics; a custom-printed absorption panel. The printing is done on acoustically-transparent fabric that allows the […]

Restaurant Acoustical Sound Absorption

acoustics in restaurants

While many restaurateurs struggle with acoustic issues, some are more critical than others. Take for instance, Tampa’s downtown Channelside restaurant Cena. A high-end Italian Cafe focused on upscale Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant was a perfect storm of underlying acoustical concerns. The walls were painted gypsum with a significant square footage of windows. Meanwhile the tall […]