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Hospital Guest Soundproofing Case Study – Shands in Gainesville

Shands Hospital Soundproofing

The Shands Guest House in Gainesville is a large Marriott brand hospitality project on the campus of the University of South Florida. The 6th story building was designed to accommodate guests of the University and the adjacent Shands Hospital. During the design the architectural firm, Walker Architects, hired a renowned independent acoustical consulting firm to […]

Importance of Noise Control in Hospitals

hospital noise

Significant research has been conducted that links noise issues in hospitals with patient lack of sleep.  The deteriorated sleep quality experienced by patients results in extended hospital stays, development of delirium, and other negative outcomes. By treating the underlying noise issues and associated sleep quality factors, hospitals are able to greatly improve patient satisfaction and […]

New Orleans Hospital – Sound Study

hospital sound study

Healthcare Acoustics in New Orleans: Ochsner Medical Center and the Architects on their behalf requested acoustical consultation services for the West Tower expansion facility as part of the Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) program.  Commercial Acoustics was contracted to perform a sound study within the Neuro ICU on the 7th floor before it is moved to […]

New Orleans Hospital Acoustic Panels

new orleans hospital acoustics

Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana needed an acoustic treatment for a noisy presentation room. The room hosted a number of healthcare workers that often use telecom and speaker technology in order to collaborate with other offices. The excessive reverberation in the space, due to low-pile carpet and otherwise hard surfaces, resulted in difficulty hearing […]

Effect of Noise on Sleep and Health

sleeping newborn

Noise is a critical component on sleep quality. Unlike other sensory perception, such as sight, there are no protective coverings over the ears. While eyelids close to limit perceived light, the ear canals remain open and unchanged throughout the night. That means the only difference between perception of sound between the day and night is […]

Sound Masking – Medical Counseling Facility

sound masking speakers

When it comes to acoustics, there can be times when absorption and blocking aren’t enough, or even the right solution. In doctor’s offices, counseling centers, and other medical facilities, speech privacy is of the utmost importance. Not only to provide a peaceful and quiet environment for both patient and caregiver, but to protect confidentiality. In […]

Hospital Acoustics – Fabric Wall System

hospital acoustics

Hospital Acoustical Assessment Overview: Healthcare facilities have a number of unique sound requirements, from speech privacy between patient rooms to acoustic treatment in lecture halls. Remember that STCs of 40 or higher are required in a number of partitions in hospitals, clinics, and labs, while even stricter isolation is required where doctor-patient confidentiality is needed. […]

Cancer Treatment and Research Center Acoustics

soundproofing and acoustical treatment for medical centers

A cancer treatment and research center is undergoing a renovation to replace wood flooring with terrazzo. The reverberation in this space has already raised some complaints, and the more reflective floor covering is expected to create more. These issues are most noticeable during events hosted in the atrium with amplified loud speakers. Moffitt Hospital Acoustic […]

Central Florida Hospital Acoustic Sound Study

Hospital Acoustics

Solving Hospital Noise Complaints The management from a hospital in central Florida requested an assessment and potential solutions to improve their sound rating scores in their facility. Specifically, the intent was to study and improve the HCAHPS question of whether patients find their environment “Always Quiet at Night”, and the corresponding improvement in patient care […]