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Acoustic Ceiling Cloud commercial acoustics

Commercial Acoustics recently treated a small art museum in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. The facility was moving from bamboo flooring to polished concrete, and the facility manager had concern for an increase in noise level (for a room that was already relatively loud). They host parties and gatherings as well, which leads to elevated speech and reverberation in the space.

Since artwork is on all of the walls, we needed to focus our acoustical treatment on the ceilings above. Acoustical Ceiling Clouds are an effective and aesthetic solution to absorbing unwanted noise in your enclosed space. While they may be more expensive than acoustical panels, they are also more flexible in their application – they may be hung along ceilings and exposed joists, up and out of the way.

The museum rooms had a moderate volume, and the measured reverberation time in the space was approximately 1.6 seconds prior to the floor retrofit. We calculated that the estimated reverb time would increase to 1.8 seconds with the concrete floor. Therefore, 2 moderate-sized clouds (4’x4’) were suggested for each room to bring the reverb back to the 1.4 second range. While still longer than preferred, the treatment would greatly reduce unwanted noise buildup during events and also make speech intelligibility more pleasant during smaller viewings.

We applied the 6 (total) ceiling clouds in a single morning, and the white light selected blended well with the white ceilings above. Overall, the project cost a total of approximately $3,000 and the lead time on the clouds was only a few weeks.

Acoustic Ceiling Cloud

Acoustic Ceiling Cloud commercial acoustics

Acoustic Ceiling Cloud commercial acoustics

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