Noise Issues with Drop Ceiling

soundproofing ceiling flanking

One of the most common complaints we see in office and educational settings is flanking noise through open plenums between adjacent spaces. This is often problematic when walls between offices don’t go to deck allowing sound to pass directly through the Acoustic Ceiling Tile and allowing clearly audible conversations between neighbors. (Note: ACT are not designed to block sound but rather absorb echo in a large reverberant space). A common solution we see attempted is laying fiberglass batting on top of the ceiling tiles. However, this is strongly discouraged because batting is not STC rated and oftentimes maintenance staff struggles to keep it in place when accessing above the ACT.

A university in Florida came to Commercial Acoustics to address noise from their student government area spilling over into staff offices. Our recommendation? A new polymer based tile that installs above existing ACT to prevent the flanking path. Commercial Acoustics’ Drop Ceiling Noise Blokker is available in our Florida and North Carolina warehouses and shipped to the university campus during school break for installation. Installation is simple, taking just a few hours for just over 300 tiles.

soundproofing ceiling
Drop Ceiling Panels Above the ACT Grid
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