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Using Art for Office Space Acoustics

CAN Community Health is a not-for-profit comprehensive care clinic with 34 offices located throughout Florida and South Carolina to provide medical social and educational services. Recently CAN Community opened their new facility headquarters in Sarasota Florida, where the team at Commercial Acoustics was hired to advise on as well as fabricate and install soundproofing and […]

Public Works Auditorium Acoustics

auditorium acoustics

The Pinellas Park Public Works office was dealing with significant echo and reverb in their conference room. They reached out to Commercial Acoustics to come and do on-site reverberation testing as part of their acoustic consulting capabilities, in order to determine how many acoustic sound panels would be needed to reduce the echo in their […]

New Orleans Police Department Acoustic Treatment

new orleans police department soundproofing

Commercial Acoustics provided ceiling-mounted absorption panels at the New Orleans Police department building on Broadway Street. The architect, Concordia, also based in New Orleans, determined that acoustic treatment was needed in the interview rooms to improve the speech quality. Similar to other Police Stations and Sheriff’s Offices, acoustic absorption is a critical tool for architects […]

Uses for 2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl

2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV

For those that have worked in museums, libraries, and other specialty civic projects, you may have noticed the tendency for architects to use 2# MLV, or 2 lb/sf (2 pounds per square foot) Mass Loaded Vinyl. This is an extremely heavy soundproofing membrane that is used to block noise from loud areas, such as mechanical […]

Tampa Sound Masking for Tru Simulation

Open Office Sound Masking

Tampa Sound Masking Solution When the headquarters of Tru Simulation + Training in Tampa Florida needed to improve sound privacy within the accounting and sales division of their office space, they contacted the experts at Commercial Acoustics to analyze the space and determine the most efficient way to solve their sound transmission issues. The parent […]

Acoustic Sound Testing in Corporate Offices

Corporate Office Sound Testing

Commercial Acoustics was contracted by Amgen Pharmaceuticals to review the modular partition layout and design of their new corporate offices in Washington, DC and Tampa, FL. While care had been taken to select suitable, STC-rated walls and a Sound Masking system had been installed and implemented, significant noise complaints were immediately evident after the TI […]

Increase Drywall Profits with Soundproofing Products

Soundproof Media Room

Drywall contractors are often tasked with ensuring constructed walls reach or exceed minimum STC values. In order to do this, it may seem simple to add extra layers of drywall and reap the benefits. However, the fallout could mean lost contracts when competitors realize there are much cheaper ways to hit high STC values. Related: […]

Commercial Acoustics – Office Space Sound Privacy Solution

Commercial Acoustics lends hand on office privacy issue

A corporate office client in Tampa FL was experiencing conversation sound transfer in their closed offices. The offices were designed with a proprietary modular wall system (STC range 31 – 48) and Armstrong Calla ceiling tiles (CAC 35) with a Lencore sound masking system is in place. Prior to determining what modifications needed to be […]

Commercial Acoustics Provides Custom Soundproofing for Local New Orleans Landmark

Commercial Acoustics Provides Custom Soundproofing for Local New Orleans Landmark

A little over a year ago, the Sazerac Company broke ground on construction for the Sazerac House – a new cocktail and liquor museum located at 500 Canal St in the heart of downtown New Orleans. Known to New Orleans natives as the inventor of the city’s flagship cocktail, the Sazerac Company has been in […]

Conference Room Acoustics – Case Study

Of all the office acoustical issues that we address on a weekly basis, one of the most common issues is excessive reverb in conference rooms. This happens most commonly in conference rooms because they’re larger, and generally have hard, reflective surfaces. Conference Room Acoustics can be treated with acoustic panels, fabric-stretched wall systems, or other […]