Residential Bathroom Case Study – Tampa, FL

soundproofing residential bathroom

One of the problems that many homeowners face which not too many people think about is all the noise that can come from a bathroom, such as a toilet flushing or water running through the drain.

This was a big problem one of our residential clients in Tampa, FL had. During their family dinner, they could hear the water running from the toilet as well as some of the drainage coming from the kitchen. This was clearly very disrupting when they were trying to spend quality time together. The noise would also distract them while having guests which became embarrassing and quite bothersome.

After our team came in and did an acoustical analysis, we decided that the best solution for our clients was to surround the plumbing with a thick lagging which is made up of 2 parts, mass loaded vinyl (MLV) and batting. The MLV provides a layer of soundproofing which deflects the sound coming from the plumbing. The batting adds an extra layer of soundproofing as well as absorption for any resonation caused by the kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

The whole installation took approximately 3 hours. We applied lagging to over 50’ of pipe. This entire process dramatically decreased the sound of water above and the family was finally able to enjoy their home, free of distractions.