Floor Blokker

Technical Specs

Commercial Acoustics Floor Blokker is a highly engineered sound damping composite that is designed to be placed onto bare floor surface.

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Product Specifications
• Approved for all UL U300, U400, and V400 Series

• Made from Post-Industrial Recycled Automotive Products
• Non PVC (no ozone depleting gasses)
• Sustainable: 100% Fully recyclable at end of life
• Mold and mildew resistant
• 3-in-1 barrier (sound, moisture & air)
• Easy to install- Reduces cost (labor & materials)
• Dampens sound and blocks noise up to 75%
• A cost-effective subfloor application that’s easy to install under any style of flooring(wood, tile, stone, carpet & vinyl).

Features / Benefits
• Reduces airborne and impact noise by 75%
• Build quieter structures with less material and labor
• Air and moisture barrier for HVAC efficiency and mold and mildew prevention

Install Time: ~1 day

Ideal Soundproofing For: 

  • Noisy neighbors upstairs or downstairs
  • Heavy footfall/stomping
  • Sound coming through floors or floor-ceiling elements
  • Residential, commercial, hospitality

Made In USA
Recycled Materials
UL Certified Soundproofing Membranes

3'x10' Sheet, 3'x34' Roll


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