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The Tampa Yacht and Country Club was struggling with an exterior noise issue. While it is a beautiful venue with a history of hosting elegant events, this also led to large wedding parties that sometimes were louder than local neighbors appreciated.

While the club (TYCC for short) hosted parties for years with little issue, a changing noise ordinance code in the City of Tampa was on a collision course for the Board of Directors. The traditional code required dBA and dBC thresholds at the property line, while the new code added in another requirement; that the noise was not “plainly audible” 100 ft from the property line. This code change significantly increased the concern for violations, so they contacted Commercial Acoustics to help.

The club had a challenge from the start, since their outdoor patio was a preferred venue, with unique tiled floors and open lawn. When the band set up here, there was excellent line-of-sight to all of the guests, but no borders or perimeters to attenuate the noise prior to reaching the property line.

An initial assessment was performed to quantify the existing noise levels, which occasionally peaked over 55dBA at the property line at night. Note that these measurements are made as 10-second averages, so that peak noise impulses do not automatically constitute a violation. Over the course of the evening, as the guests grew louder and the band amplified their music further, the noise issues sometimes grew worse.

acoustical testing model
Tampa Yacht Club Acoustic Model

It was clear that the club needed a 10dB reduction at the property line to minimize risk of aggravating nearby residents. Our operations team found a number of suitable locations to support sound-reflecting membranes on a nearby fence as well as supported directly from the overhanging tent. Meanwhile, our lead consultant modeled the effectiveness of this approach, and determined the expected sound levels at the property line after implementation.

Following a morning install (just before a wedding), the results were measured that evening, and found to reduce the noise levels by 15dB directly behind the venue, and 12dB at the property line. The Blokker panels were also hidden behind decorative sheer curtains so that guests weren’t even aware they were there.

soundproofing membranes fence blokker
Fence Blokker Panels
acoustical testing
Acoustic Measurements at Property Line

Further operational suggestions were made to club management, including loudspeaker control processes and re-orienting the stage.

The TYCC executed the option to purchase the membranes after the initial rental period, and have used them in the field since with excellent results.

The issue that the Tampa Yacht and Country Club faced were not at all unusual from what many of our clients deal with – unexpected noise problems that arise with unique constraints, and that often require unique, but cost-effective, solutions.

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