Student Housing – Case Study

student apartment soundproofing

CA Ventures is known for developing well-built, high-performing student housing complexes nationwide. When they were looking to develop a multifamily project close to Auburn University, comfort, aesthetics and amenities were a top priority. Located in the heart of downtown Auburn, Evolve Student Apartments stands 9 stories high, fully furnished with the highest level of amenities for residents.

The desire for a high level of tenant comfort and privacy began early in the design phase when the architectural firm contacted Commercial Acoustics to discuss wall and flooring assembly treatments. Unlike other student housing and mixed-use projects we’ve worked on such as The Village Promenade and 9 on Canal at Ball State University, Evolve’s sound concerns were from adjacent apartment dwellers, not external noise entering through windows from bars, street noise or shopping plazas. Consulting on the project we provided technical data, modeling out various assemblies and costs to ensure a target STC of 50+ would be achieved.

Instead of hanging multiple layers of drywall where you get diminishing returns and a longer installation time, our 1/8” Wall Blokker sound membrane was installed directly on the wood studs easily and fast with no seam taping required. By having the ability to consult and discuss with the architectural team we were able to increase the STC of the demising walls, reduce cost and achieve a quality living environment for tenants.