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University Acoustics

university acoustics

The University of South Florida was building out a new laboratory and education center that required significant acoustic treatment. While the flooring was hard and reflective, the ceiling did have some absorptive ceiling tiles, with an NRC rating above 0.5. In order tor reduce reverberation in the space, the architect specified wall-to-wall acoustic panels. These […]

Classroom Acoustics – Case Study

One of Tampa’s most prestigious prep schools has recently undergone a new addition of early-childhood focused education facility. This facility, designed to meet the most stringent educational and acoustical standards (via ANSI S12), needed significant soundproofing options between adjacent classrooms, classroom-corridor partitions, and around mechanical spaces. School Acoustical Design The General Contractor, consulted with Siebein […]

Marchman Technical College Acoustic Baffle Treatment

acoustical treatment for school cafeteria

Noise control, acoustics and sound privacy within educational settings are imperative. During the design process, target STC’s for walls should be discussed and mandated by the architect, but oftentimes topical acoustical treatment for larger spaces is held until after construction is complete. By treating excessive reverberation, you can achieve ideal educational acoustics without requiring after-market […]