Absorption Foam

Technical Specs

Acoustical Absorption Foam can be installed to create seamless absorptive walls, and enhance imaging by reducing unwanted reflections in broadcast and recording studios or other critical listening environments.

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Product Specifications:

  • Open Cell Polyurethane Foam:
  • Flammability: Meets UL94HF-1
  • Flame Spread = 95
  • Smoke Density = 340
  • Tensile Strength = 20 PSI
  • Can be installed using a construction adhesive that is approved for foam.
  • Density: 2 pound cubic foot


  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Reduces Echo and Reverberation
  • More economical, less aesthetic option for absorption than the Acoustic Absorption Panels

Installation Time: <15 mins


2", 3", 4", 6"


1'x1', 2'x4'


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