Drop Ceiling Noise Blokker

Technical Specs

Is it nearly impossible to find a quiet space within your office environment or do you consistently hear everything that’s going on in the office next door? Chances are, sound is being transmitted through the ceiling, up into the cavity above and right back back down into your workspace. With Commercial Acoustics Drop Ceiling Noise Blokker your office noise solution is here!

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Installs directly over existing drop-ceiling applications, in minutes! 3 layer composite blocks sound and absorbs unwanted echoes.

A Trio of layers combines a decoupling surface to the opposing face for improved sound reduction via transmission. Drop Ceiling Noise Blokker is an engineered ceiling tile accessory that installs on the plenum side directly on top of the tile. Acoustical Polymer & decoupler is manufactured from 100% post industrial and consumer materials. Laminated decoupling layer to eliminate sound transmission. Fire rated fiber scrim on exposed top.

Installation Time: <2 hours

Ideal Soundproofing For:

Office, Conference Room, HR and legal offices, Hospitality, HIPAA compliant offices of Hospitals, medical centers, or anywhere an open plenum and voice privacy is an issue.

Product Specifications:
• Standard 2’ x 2’ size
• Sheet Weight: 1.1 lbs. Nominal
• 1/8″ Nominal thickness
• STC – 28 per ASTM E 90-02
• Top Surface Flammability rating of class A*


2'x2', 2'x4'

Fire Rated

FR-Rated, Non-FR-Rated


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