Reducing Noise Complaints in Business Hotels

Soundproofing a business hotel

People who regularly travel for business can spend more than half of their nights in a hotel. A recent study by The National Sleep Foundation polled 1,004 travelers, of which 74% said that a quiet room was the key to a good nights sleep. Corporate travelers need this peace and quiet to be focused and productive on their trip.

Noise complaints are one of the biggest issues for hotel management, and it has become a priority to reduce these sound problems in hopes of increasing guest satisfaction. Continue reading for tips on how to soundproof hotels geared towards professionals.

Floor Blokker

Our Floor Blokker absorbs vibrations, stopping noise from traveling through the floor into other levels of the hotel. This blocks out the annoying noise of people dropping things or loudly walking around on the floor above you.

Soundproofing Doors

A lot of noise can escape through cracks around doors, disrupting other hotel guests that are trying to sleep or get work done. Door seals such as this one are placed around the perimeter of the door, reducing sound transfer to other rooms. Door sweeps can also be placed underneath the door, closing the gap between the door and the floor. Both of these options reduce sound from leaking out of rooms into other unwanted spaces.

Absorption Panels

Absorption panels are perfect for the hotel lobby, hallways, or business center. Ones like these have limitless design potential, as they can be wrapped in fabric to match any hotel decor. They absorb noise and decrease echo and reverberation, allowing for higher speech intelligibility. In spaces where multiple people are speaking, they help to absorb excess unwanted noise, making individual conversations more clear.

With these tips, corporate travelers will be able to have both a productive working day and peaceful nights sleep, improving guest satisfaction. Did any of them work at your hotel? Let us know in the comments below.

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