Acoustical Treatment for Restaurants

soundproofing restaurant

Restaurants are a space where people come together to socialize, full of chatter, the sound of clanking glasses, and music. However, if your restaurant has a noise reverberation problem, the customer’s social experience could be suffering.

When people have to yell to compete with the noise of the crowd, speech privacy and intelligibility is lost. If your restaurant is too noisy to enjoy, customers will eat somewhere else, meaning you lose out on business. Read on for acoustical tips to make your restaurant a comfortable, fun place for friends to gather and share a meal.

Absorption Panels

Absorption panels can be hung on the wall to absorb excess noise in your space, making it easier to have conversations in high noise environments. They effectively reduce echo and reverberation, preventing sound waves from bouncing around the room. Additionally, our absorption panels can be covered with fabric or custom art to match the decor of your restaurant for an aesthetically pleasing noise solution.

Acoustical Wallpaper

Acoustical wallpaper can be easily installed, primed, and painted over an existing wall while reducing noise by up to 75%. Requiring no construction, it is a cost-effective and efficient way to improve the sound quality of your restaurant. Our Overwall Noise Blokker helps walls to suppress sound, reducing noise disturbances for guests.

Cloud Panels

Cloud panels are hung from the ceiling to absorb noise, decreasing reverberation. They add more cushion to the room, preventing sound from reflecting off of hard surfaces. Check out our Acoustic Cloud Panels, a great all purpose solution to excessive noise reverberation.

If any of these tips worked for you, please let us know in the comments below!

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