GypStep Blokker

GypStep Blokker Data Sheet

The Commercial Acoustics GypStep Blokker is a high performance acoustic underlayment designed to reduce the passage of impact transmission noise and can be installed under lightweight concrete or topping as well as a plywood raft system.


Uses: Can be installed under lightweight concrete, gypsum topping & plywood

Material: GypStep Blokker is GreenCircle certified for recycled content and can qualify for potentially 8 LEED
points, making our underlayments the preferred choice for impact sound control applications.

Thickness & Mass: Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 17mm, 25mm thickness.

Sound: GypStep Blokker underlayment is designed for utmost sound deadening and flooring support. GypStep Blokker
touts superior sound attenuation results.

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