Tips for Dealing With Noisy Neighbors in Your Apartment

soundproof apartment

While apartment style living has many perks, noise disturbances can be a major disadvantage. When all that separates you from your neighbor is a thin wall, sound transfer can become a major issue. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with noisy neighbors in your complex.

Furniture Placement

If noise is transferring through your neighbor’s walls and into your living space, proper furniture placement can be an effective solution. Placing a bookcase, desk, or shelves against the wall can create a barrier to block the noise from entering your unit. Plush rugs or carpet can also work to absorb excess noise and echo in your space.

White Noise

Low volume, constant background noise from white noise machines can drown out distractions from neighbors. They are an ideal solution for sound masking in smaller spaces, such as an apartment. The amount of background noise they put out is perfect for when you’re trying to sleep or get work done at home. This white noise machine has 10 tones to fit your personal preference and can also be used as a speaker.

The AcoustiDoor™

If sound from the hallway or your neighbors is entering your apartment through the door, The AcoustiDoor™ is a great solution. It is a retractable, sound blocking panel that can be hung over any size door frame. It comes in a variety of fabric colors to match your home decor and can be easily pulled up when not in use. The AcoustiDoor™ deflects about 87% of sound waves, dramatically changing the atmosphere of your apartment.

Apt. App

Confronting a neighbor about their noise level can be awkward and intimidating. If you just can’t take the noise anymore, but you don’t want to upset your neighbor, consider using Apt. App. The Denver based app includes numerous features, including the ability to send anonymous messages to your neighbors regarding noise or any other issues. Remaining nameless takes the fear out of getting your noise problems solved politely and effectively. Apt. App can be downloaded in the App Store to help enhance your apartment living experience. If you think Apt. App would benefit your complex, visit their website and fill out the site recommendation.

Did Apt. App or any of these tips help you overcome sound issues with neighbors? Let us know in the comments below!