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Gym Acoustic Treatment – St Pauls in New Orleans

Commercial Acoustics was contacted by St Paul’s Episcopal school to solve their time-sensitive gym acoustics problem.  Gymnasiums are fundamentally very reverberant spaces due to their hard, parallel surfaces and large volumes.  Along with athletics, school gyms are often used as auditoriums and event spaces.  This school in particular had scheduled an upcoming fundraising event that […]

I Love Kickboxing Gym Soundproofing – Case Study

Kickboxing Studio Soundproofing

I Love Kickboxing, a kickboxing studio and gym in Alpharetta, Georgia, builds out their gyms in existing retail spaces with other neighboring businesses. They came to Commercial Acoustics with the task of keeping loud music and workout noise from entering neighboring spaces by applying a Gym Acoustic Treatment, as well as keeping construction costs down […]

Gym Sound Treatment

A gym reached out to us in search for a solution to the noise issues they’re having. They are located on the 2nd level of a commercial structure surrounded by a day spa, retail store and office space. The structure is dealing with reported sound transmission through the walls and flooring assembly between tenant spaces […]