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Georgia Broadcast Studio Acoustics

broadcast studio acoustics

The Georgia Public Broadcast Studio has been expanding their broadcast capabilities and required three additional recording studios to meet their capacity needs. During the expansion the team reached out to Commercial Acoustics to provide acoustic treatments in the recording rooms. After an indepedent acoustic consultant was used to determine the thickness and area of the […]

Performing Arts Theater Acoustic Treatment

theater acoustics

This performing arts theater in South Florida required significant acoustic treatment after it was noticed that many of the attendees were unable to clearly hear the bands when playing. While this had already been an issue for some time, it was exacerbate when the carpet was removed for lower-pile carpet during a recent renovation. Located […]

Cinepolis Hamlin – Cinema Soundproofing Case Study

Movie theaters have a particular type of challenge when it comes to soundproofing and acoustics. The biggest issue many theaters face is low-frequency sounds penetrating through auditorium walls and disturbing guests. This is especially true in luxury cinemas where guest comfort and sound privacy is of the utmost importance for repeat business and satisfied online […]

Stadium Soundproofing in Atlanta, Georgia

Falcons Stadium soundproofing

Commercial Acoustics works with a variety of entertainment venues and sporting arenas nationwide, most recently assisting the Atlanta Falcon’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium in their stunning $1.5 billion stadium (complete with solar panels, fan plaza and retractable roof). Since stadiums and entertainment projects typically generate large amounts of noise, it’s often expected that they would require an […]

Luxury Theater Soundproofing

theater soundproofing

One of the most ideal uses for soundproofing membranes is when low-frequency reduction is critical to the performance of a system. This is especially true with entertainment and industrial venues, where low-frequency noise is generated from equipment and amplified speakers. A recent case study with a luxury cinema in Dallas, Texas serves as a prime […]

Soundproofing for Movie Theaters and Cinemas

Soundproofing for Movie Theaters

When designing or building a new movie theater, it is critical to consider the movie-watching experience, from seating locations to auditorium reverberation and attenuation between adjacent theaters. Soundproofing the movie theater is one of the key considerations. Challenges of Soundproofing Movie Theaters Whether you have unique sound requirements or standard THX constraints, the wall thickness, […]