Soundproofing A Hotel


Nothing could be more frustrating than to find out that the planned quiet nights at the hotel turn out to be not that quiet anymore. For business travelers it is usually an airport, a train station, or a busy highway that prevents them from a peaceful sleep. Families or holidaymakers can struggle with loud noises from either adjoining rooms or an elevator in the hallway. Moreover, some people are light sleepers in general, and might experience trouble sleeping just because of different lighting, temperature or sounds.

Hotel owners from all over the world are trying to find a solution to protect their guests’ sleep and thus, increase their satisfaction that may result in customer loyalty (which is so crucial to any business). According to the New York Times article based on a guest satisfaction survey by J. D. Power and Associates of all the complaints that guests have about hotels, noise continues to top the list. By fixing this issue, they could potentially charge more, get better reviews, and increase guest retention.

If all of the above results sound interesting and lucrative, it is time for you to check Commercial Acoustics solutions for hoteliers. The major problems are caused by outside noises, meaning that the problem to solve is basic soundproofing. Explore the variety of options here or consult with our specialists for more detailed recommendations.

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