Sound Masking Demo in Tampa

Commercial Acoustics Sound Masking Tampa

Commercial Acoustics has installed a sound-masking demonstration at its headquarters on Cypress St near downtown Tampa. A newer technology, aimed at providing speech privacy in open offices, Sound Masking is a tool that is typically most helpful in open office spaces or areas requiring long duration focus (libraries, classrooms etc.). Commercial Acoustics has installed sound masking systems in various local businesses, but now having a system installed at their own facility interested customers can visit the space to see the power.

Sound masking is a technology that deploys pink noise speakers typically above the ceiling grid to raise the ambient background level in a space. By raising the background noise, loud distracting sounds become less apparent to the “receiver”. For a list of sound masking case studies check here:

As you can see, the need for sound masking varies widely but is a good resource when sound isolation alone does not solve the problem.

Acoustics Expert