Resolve Noise Complaints Easily with Apt. App

Commercial Acoustics partners with Apt. App to work on soundproofing solutions

A growing number of people are finding that apartment communities are the ideal fit for their lifestyles. While there are innumerable benefits to apartment-style living, there are also some major drawbacks. Most notably, noise.

Dealing with noisy neighbors becomes a much greater struggle when living in such close proximity. With nothing but a thin wall separating your bedroom from your neighbor’s living room, noise problems can quickly become unbearable.

However, bringing up a complaint to a neighbor is uncomfortable, and can come off as rude or unfriendly. Because of this, residents often choose to accept constant noise as an unavoidable aspect of their living situation and try to ignore it, rather than confront their neighbors about the issue.

This is where Apt. App comes in. Apt. App, a Denver based company, has developed a technology designed to enhance and simplify the resident living experience. The app boasts a range of features curated to resolve the daily struggles of apartment-style living. Among these is a neighbor-to-neighbor communication system with an option for the sender to remain anonymous. This allows residents to send polite, anonymous messages to their neighbors about issues like noise disturbances, without the fear of creating a hostile relationship.

Apt. App hopes that this communication system, combined with the rest of the features the app offers, will promote the growth of positive communities within apartment communities and help residents develop good relationships with their neighbors.

Commercial Acoustics understands the need for noise control in apartment complexes and applauds Apt. App’s endeavor to facilitate and resolve noise complaints in an easy, civil manner. If you’re interested in learning more about what Apt. App has to offer, click here to visit their site.

Emily Silverman