Orlando Condominiums

commercial acoustics condo soundproofing

The Cayman Condominiums were undergoing a renovation, its first in 20 years. While the existing structure and design were acceptable from an aesthetic and functional perspective, the contractor felt that they needed to address the one major complaint they were receiving – noise.

Metal stud walls helped reach STCs in high 40’s and low 50’s, but the residents at this luxury location had higher expectations. During the renovation, they called Commercial Acoustics to review the existing design and as-builts, and bring some new ideas to the table.

While implementing a soundproofing membrane in the walls allowed a significant increase in attenuation between units, we also worked with the architect to re-specify doors that would not allow weak-link propagation paths from room to room (a major complaint that previous tenants had).

While the flooring contractor was already familiar with our attenuation underlayment, we still had a technical rep out on site to ensure flanking paths were addressed and installation quality met our standards.

By implementing additional soundproofing materials and auditing installation techniques, our team was able to achieve STC and IIC ratings in the unit at 58 and 60, respectively.