How to Soundproof a Noisy Office

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Noisy Offices are a Major Distractor – For Clients and Employees

In modern offices, the main source of noise from office to office, or adjacent rooms, is through the drop-ceiling. These drop-ceiling tiles are specifically designed to minimize cost and provide an aesthetic background, but not to block sound traveling through them. In fact, often times they are designed to allow sound to pass through, in order to reduce echo in the office.

If you look just above the drop-ceiling tiles, you’ll also see that often-times the wall separating offices does not extend up to the true ceiling, allowing even more sound to pass through. This equates to only a thin, flimsy barrier separating one discussion from another.

If you are experiencing noise issues similar to this in your office, you may need to do one of two things – heighten and strengthen the wall between offices, or reinforce the existing drop-ceiling tiles. While modifying the wall may require several days and significant construction, reinforcing the tiles with our Drop-Ceiling Noise Blokker is quick and easy.

Drop-ceiling Noise Blokker can be installed in minutes, simply laid on top of the existing panels, by office employees or maintenance staff. The cost is extremely economical, and the new 3-layer composite design is made to block noise transfer while further improving the sound absorption of the existing ceiling tiles.

Another common noise complaint we get in noisy offices involves large, “shared” office spaces with cubicles or assembly areas.

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Often times it can be difficult to hear in these areas, as the reverberation increases, the speech intelligibility decreases in inverse proportion. This is the case when the room is quite large, and exacerbated by parallel surfaces with minimal absorption (rugs, furniture, tapestry). In many offices, inexpensive wall-to-wall carpeting is used in construction, but this material is extremely inefficient at absorbing background noise.

When background sound absorption is the solution you need, we suggest acoustical absorption panels or similar absorption products.

Addressing these common office noise issues is critical to:

  1. Increase workplace productivity
  2. Soundproof discussion for proprietary, or security, reasons
  3. Increase workplace enthusiasm & employee satisfaction
  4. Escape from the office background noise yourself

Commercial Acoustics is a tailored acoustical consultancy and solutions provider to help you solve each of these issues. Let us know how we can help, today.

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